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Submitted By richardb on 10/06/08
The 2.0+ Clan, richardb 

Welcome to the 2.0+ clan, this clan's aim is to stop being put on teams with idiots who get 5-12 and ensure victory and lots of fun with no frustration by having players who you actually know are skilled. I've started this clan because I was looking for such a clan but didn't really find it and I'm constantly being the losing MVP with a high ratio. I'm on PS3 but if people want to join with an XBOX that would be great and someone could take the lead of that side of the clan. The clan will continue with other COD games including Black Ops.
My PSN: iMadRichard

18 minutes - 36v
Posted 2010/09/08 - 19:39 GMT
2.0 is too easy... i have 6.34 =) i have accounts with 3+ on all 3 CoD's.
1 week - 14,368v
Posted 2010/09/08 - 20:06 GMT
Haha I'm 4, I didn't want a high KDR clan, just high enough to guarantee skilled play.

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