1) To join your KDR must be 2 or more (For Black Ops this rule will not be enforced until January), you may only participate in the clan for games you have a KDR greater than 2 in.
2) If while in the clan your KDR drops below 2 in all games for more than a month you will be out but you may rejoin later if it is due to doing challenges etc.
3) No noob tubing.
MW2 exceptions: if you haven't unlocked the silencer, are trying to get the shotgun or are doing danger close pro VI however if so you must not prestige until you have completed it so that people can't keep saying this time after time.
Black Ops exceptions: because there is no need to unlock attachments the only exception is any challenges, if so you must not prestige until you have completed it so that people can't keep saying this time after time.
4) No boosting at all. Booster hunting is encouraged ;)
5) No quick scoping using fast ADS perks, and you must be able to regularly get a KDR above 2 doing so.
6) No commando.
7) Kill others with respect (no glitching, cheating), generally kill others as you would like to be killed.
8) Be respectful on the forum.

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